Renting an instrument is a great way to get started playing the harp without much financial cost. HILA's rental models are just perfect to get you started; they all  have full levers, all are new or less than 4 years old, and all are in good, playable condition. Contact HILA to learn more and find out availability.


HARP IN LA's rental pool consists of Lyon & Healy Ogden full lever harps (34), Dusty Strings Ravenna (34) full lever harps and one Lyon & Healy Troubadour III  full lever harp (33) available for rent on a month-by-month basis. The following conditions apply:


You must be taking lessons with a harp teacher in Southern California during the period of renting. This means a teacher who plays the harp and teaches harp (not a guitar or piano teacher, for example). You may rent as long as you like as long as you are taking lessons and on time with your payments. If you have not yet found a teacher, please contact HILA and we will give you names of teachers around your area. 

Monthly payments are $68.00 made payable to Harp In LA by check, bank auto pay or using your bank's mobile ZELLE app. A flat late fee of $14.00 is collected for each payment on accounts more than 15 days past due.  Payments must be made on time or HILA will have the right to ask you to return the harp. 

You can opt for payment via PayPal or credit card however your monthly payment would be $72.00 to include administrative/convenience fees, and a flat late fee of $25.00 is collected  for each payment on accounts more than 15 days past due. 

Payments are not billed, so please be aware when your monthly payment is due and pay promptly. This information will be noted on your signed rental agreement. 

A signed contract is required which includes your driver's license number as well as the name and phone number of a friend or relative not living with you. 

Our rental agreement also requires current credit card information and a $200.00 security deposit paid by check, which is refunded to you after the harp has been returned to HILA in the same condition as when the harp was originally rented out.  Please contact HILA as soon as possible if any information on your agreement changes during rental period.

You are responsible to tune the harp regularly, practice and  purchase and replace any strings which break during the rental period. 

Rentals are always in demand. We continuously stock our rental pool, yet sometimes there may be a wait. Waits are normally not too long and we will contact you as soon as a rental becomes available. When rentals become available they are on a first come, first served basis - no holds.  But ask; we'll try to work with you and your needs.


Rather than renting, financing a new instrument with our Allegro Financing programs is worth looking into. This way, you money is going towards your own instrument rather than a rental every month.  CLICK HERE to learn more about interest rates and options. 


Some local harpists often have harps available to rent. If you are in need of a pedal rental, a smaller sized lever harp rental or require a harp for a production shoot, CLICK HERE to see a list of local people who may be able to help you out. 

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