Dusty Strings has been designing and building musical instruments since 1978 with a dedicated nationwide and international following. Their instruments are of high quality and meticulously crafted, using carefully selected woods and detailed woodworking techniques. A fascinating tour of their factory immediately makes it clear the care, perfection and dedication that goes into constructing a Dusty Strings instrument.

Dusty Strings harps are known for their volume, responsive and even sound across the entire instrument. Their harps have a bright beautiful clear bell-like tone with a full even bass. The solid wood models can vary the character of the Dusty Strings sound depending on the wood used. Each species of wood lends its own character to the tone of the Dusty Strings sound from a more warm to a deep, rich tone.

Dusty Strings Instruments are known throughout the harp world for their beautiful harps, yet they are equally renowned world-wide for their hammered dulcimers (yes, hammered dulcimers!) and impressively large music store located in Seattle, WA.

When Ray and Sue Mooers started Dusty Strings back in 1978, Ray was building hammered dulcimers in the couple's basement. The two played and sold them at festivals and craft fairs, which soon morphed into selling to acoustic instrument retailers. To keep up with demand, Ray and Sue continually had to add employees and it soon became clear that a larger space was need. So in 1982, Dusty Strings moved to a larger location in Seattle's Fremont area. Two years later, Ray began experimenting with building folk harps, creating and constructing instruments with a distinct, clear and resonant voice.

In the process of adding harp models to their dulcimer production line, the retail portion of the Fremont location rapidly began to grow. Originally a display room for the dulcimers and harps, the Fremont shop began to carry other folk instruments, as well as sheet music and recordings. It quickly earned a reputation as a unique, fun and welcoming place to shop for instruments, with music workshops, a repair shop and an ever-expanding range and depth of high-quality acoustic instruments.

In 1999, plans were launched to move the instrument-building portion of the business to a new, larger location. That was accomplished in 2002, allowing more space for an expanded store in the Fremont location and for the long-held dream of starting The Dusty Strings Music School, which officially opened in 2008.

Thinking back to when they were building instruments in their basement, Ray and Sue marvel at what has happened in the course of time. Dusty Strings now employs more than 40 people and operates a successful acoustic music retail shop and acoustic music school as well as building and shipping harps and hammered dulcimers to customers and retailers all over the world.